Catherine Novak, E.A. taxpreparerimages1 Catherine Novak, E.A. Catherine has been in private practice servicing South West Florida since 1989. Prior to that she was with the IRS for 10 years, serving as tax auditor, revenue officer and tax instructor. You might be asking yourself what does E.A. stand for? E.A. stands for Enrolled Agent. She specializes in the field of taxation and is regulated by the Director of Practice in the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled Agents are authorized to appear on behalf (in place) of taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and Tax Court. Only Enrolled Agents, CPA's and attorneys have this License. She runs a hands on practice! She will be the one you see and she will be the one that prepares your Tax Return. Along with preparations of all types of Federal returns, she also prepares all State Tax returns. She is available by appointment only and has two locations. Her phone number is: 239-209-1799